Designing a mock ost cover for my future comic instead of studying for my midterm that’s tomorrow eyyy 

haven’t drawn Vinny in a while, so he gets to be the guinea pig for my new marker and also today’s inktober

#inktober day 7…good grief, I am so behind. #art #girls #sketchbook

Veronica’s outfits! These are (most of) the outfits she wears over the course of the story (the last 4 are after the 13 year time skip). After seeing one of my favorite artists do an outfit gif for his character I was inspired to do the same with my girl. This was time consuming, but lots of fun! It’s really helping me plan the comic


#wednesdayaddams for #inktober day 6 and also today’s @sketch_dailies 

#inktober day 5. Slowly catching up #art #sketchbook #girls

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digital painting practice C:

photo ref used

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Attempting to digitally paint #wip #digital

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#inktober day 4. Still catching up! #art #sketchbook #mermaids

basically how it goes 

project done for my digital class C:

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