Needs more Lamp

I have a lot of feelings about Guardians of the Galaxy

nothing like going into work bright and early at 10 and being told I’m not supposed to be in until 4 fml


trying to scrape some art together for a portfolio website more like ripping all my hair out and lighting it on fire would be less painful

how do you rekindle friendship with people you’ve fallen out of touch with slkfjdsklfjds

I finished Avatar and now I don’t know what to do with my life

finally got around to watching Avatar The Last Air Bender and I have a lot of feelings

I’m home alone all weekend and being in a house this big by myself is creeping me out

and I applied lfksdjlkdsj I already regret it omg what was I even thinking

eh whatever, maybe my application won’t even get looked at

about to apply for an internship on a whim omg I’m not prepared at all but whatever nothing will probably come of it but it’s worth a shot