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instead of doing my homework I’ve been sitting here laughing at random crap on the internet for the past hour. where did I go wrong with my life choices

okay guys I’m on CharaHub now follow me here if you want to. I don’t have anything uploaded yet but I’m going to try to use this to see if it helps with motivating me to work on my stuff so yeah

trying to find out if someone likes anime is the hardest thing ever like there is no way to ask that question without sounding like a weeaboo or a nerd slkfjdsklj

when you draw your character and accidentally make them too hot

drawing with Col-Erase pencils is my new favorite thing

how do you talk to cute boys

so I’m thinking of reopening commissions this week so I can earn a little extra money before the end of the school year. would anyone be interested if I did?

I hit the cute bra jackpot today omg I got a bunch of new bras including one that has adorable penguins on it for like two dollars I am so excited

my mom told me that when I was a little kid I was always playing with dinosaurs and one year my aunt got me dolls that came with clothes and shit and she walked in on me putting shoes on the dinosaurs and ignoring the dolls omfg I feel like this explains so much

talking to new people gives me so much anxiety omg like at what point do you get past small talk and start cracking bad sex jokes, insult each other, and share funny gifs you found on the internet alkfjdslkj

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