>goes whole class without getting a drop of paint on clothes

>spills coffee on self

I’ve pretty much given up on finding a job at this point

it sucks not having a car slfjdslk everything on campus is taken

someone commission me 

boys in sweaters with the sleeves rolled up

I could write an entire essay of things I’d rather be doing than writing an essay

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my Anaconda don’t want none unless you got funds hon

oh no, I seem to have misplaced my motivation to do homework

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Alright guys Sleepover SaturdaywelltechnicallySundaybutshh y’all should ask me stuff, tell me about your crushes/lives/pets, send me ridiculous reaction images, or anything else really

talk to me, yo

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I called my mom to ask her for my PS2 games and apparently she threw them out a week ago without telling me

hnnnngh mom do you know how much the old Spyro the Dragon games are worth now

I owned all three and was hoping to sell the first two and keep the third but welp there goes that

why would you get rid of my shit without at least asking me if I wanted it

thanks mom. thanks

for my digital class we have to make a graphic novel style page about some event from our life

this is way harder than it looks hrrrrgh my life isn’t interesting enough to make a comic about

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