hey you

yes you

you look nice today

1 hour ago | 11

so it looks like I may be getting a job

I have an interview this Friday, so wish me luck ^^

I’m so ready to start working again. I hope I get it

my snapchats crack me up I’m sorry

whenever I get really excited about something the first thing I want to do is go eat cereal omg



someone hold me

draws all the butts

4 days ago | 2

how I feel when talented artists follow me

5 days ago | 6

I know I’ve made like a gazillion posts about this but I’m probably going to reopen commissions *officially* this weekend. Prices will be updated and there will be more style options (like lineless) available. I haven’t found a job on campus, and it’s about time I earned some money. Let me know if you’re interested ^^

obligatory question mark?

5 days ago | 2

If Satan walked up to me and offered to give me a Cintiq in exchange for my mortal soul it would take me about 0.0002 seconds to take him up on that offer

oh yeah, it’s TMI Tuesday so feel free to ask me anything, tell about your day/crush/life, or anything else you can think of. I enjoy hearing from you guys C: