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talking to new people gives me so much anxiety omg like at what point do you get past small talk and start cracking bad sex jokes, insult each other, and share funny gifs you found on the internet alkfjdslkj


how to art:
step 1: cry
step 2: throw your pencil at the paper (repeat if necessary)
step 3: cry some more
step 4: congrats, you’ve arted

I’ve learned that when really strong art inspiration strikes, it’s best not to ignore it. I just wish it would occur during the day more often instead of at 12:30 in the morning when I have class at 8:30 

even though I like my hair being dark I still want to dye it pink/purple/blue or something at least once in my life

I wish I had a pizza and garlic bread right now 

it’s 70 out today and I’m so hot I’m sitting in my room in just a bra and shorts wtf this never happens. Usually it has to be like 85+ before I even consider wearing shorts. what is going on here

wow trying to explain my story to someone who’s never heard of it made me realize how bad I need to get my shit together and crack down on getting a coherent plot together sdlfkjdskl I’m such an awful creator, guys. how the crap am I ever going to have my own webcomic

seeing everyone doing cool things with their characters while you sit here with yours like

 I found a picture on my phone I took of a drawing I did either junior or senior year of high school with a 12 color pack of colored pencils and it looks amazing. What sorcery was I involved with. And why can’t I do that now as a sophomore in college ahaha

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